While some nomads write books, Jamie Letourneau journals best in illustrations. She launched her print line, Meander Ink, as a way to share her favorite snippets from traveling abroad. Her hope was that the images would encourage others to roam to new places, venture outside comfort zones, or appreciate the details of their familiar surroundings. As she returned to Portland, Oregon, the place she'd chosen to call home, she began to fall in love with the community in a new light. And from that fuel, she illustrated the neighborhoods around her.

This ongoing line of stationery includes places that make her feel like she's home and often represent the community found in Portland. Sometimes it's coffee shops, breweries, native trees, scenes, or venues. In addition to inking prints, Jamie also illustrates children's books, and makes commissions for her "This Home Series" project. She loves to make things with a purpose, visually communicate an idea, or simply make a stranger feel a little closer. Jamie is available for custom projects and hopes Meander Ink feels familiar when you're wandering around the shop.

Above Photo by Weeno Photography