Ex Novo Brewery


-5x7" sturdy card with kraft envelope
-Blank inside
-Can be trimmed for use as a print to display
-Printed in Portland, Oregon by PaperJam Press.
-Illustrated by Jamie Letourneau

Ex Novo Brewing Company is the most unique brewery I've come across as it's the first nonprofit brewery in the country. Also grown from a garage, Joel Gregory wanted to do more with the beer he was making. Established in 2014 in Portland, Oregon, their mission as a brewery is
"...To donate 100% of our net profits to organizations building a better world and bringing hope to places where it is scarce."

I drew this brewery for the story and the people it serves. It was an added bonus that the beauty of the building matched the hearts behind it. Was that cheesy? Don't care. Just go there and drink and eat the good things.

*Extra fun fact: The tree planted outside was in honor of a girl named Taylor, who's grandfather was an investor, helping make this place happen. He told me to think of her when I see the tree as it grows while she grows. I learned this upon meeting him when he bought this very card and was flooded by the meaning of why I draw. Bless you Craig.