Custom art for you...

All artwork is created by myself, (Jamie Noel Letourneau), and printed in Portland, Oregon. 

I am available for custom illustration and design including portraits of homes and buildings, children's books, illustrative branding, collaborative works, and anything else you'd like hand drawn.

Please contact me, share your project ideas and let me know what you're looking for. I'll be in touch within a few days with more info.

More of the story...

On Custom Architectural Portraits:

My hope is to remind people of the places that feel like home to them. Because physically, emotionally, and spiritually, we can all feel displaced at times, and I believe in artwork to help encourage one another. 

Ideas for your portraits:

I'm repeatedly surprised by requests of buildings I never imagined I'd get to illustrate and I'm blown away by the stories people invite me into through this series.

Below are a few examples of original commissions. These are illustrated in the same methods as the prints you'll find at Meander Ink. 

Rachael + Andrew

Rachael came to me, asking for a gift for her soon to be husband. A timeline tribute to places portraying the paths of their relationship; a story I can't do justice to write about here. Included is a coffee shop where they met, an apartment in Spain where she once lived and they wrote letters back and forth to one another, and the first home they'll live and grow together in. Learning the beautifully tangled, stretched, and tied story of these two, embedded every ink stroke with more meaning then I knew how to process. I'm thankful Rachael invited me into this, and thankful for Andrew's gratitude as he sought me out to thank me for what it meant to see he and his love's story illustrated.


East Coast Firehouses

A firefighter was getting married and his thoughtful groomsmen commissioned illustrations of two firehouses he works in. This one really got me thinking about the idea of home. Maybe your home is where you do your work...the warehouse space where you build furniture, the cafe where you build relationships or the clinic you heal people in. In this case, the home is a firehouse. And I can't begin to imagine that heroic world, the fires they battle, the people they save, and these buildings they come home to, to recuperate and commune.


Midwestern Ice Cream Shop

Ollie's Fine Ice Cream is an adorable shop in Ohio. It is both a home and a place to welcome in the community to enjoy delicious treats. When Amanda asked me to draw this as a gift for her in-laws, I felt an immediate connection because of it's Midwestern roots. When you get a chance, follow along with Amanda's beautiful stylings on her blog Cashmere and Clover or follow along on Instagram @therusticowl. She sweetly shared these gorgeous photos with me and I'll forever remember this as one of my favorite homes to draw.


A Place for Creativity

Instrument is definitely the most unique building I've ever drawn as far as architecture style goes. The curves and vanishing points of this guy tricked my mind into thinking I was drawing a space ship. Instrument is a multi-media creative studio based in Portland, serving clients both nationally and internationally. It's fitting that the building with an incredibly distinct style is home to wildly talented artists producing stellar works every day.

When Instrument employee Zech asked me to draw this building for his directors, I was excited for the challenge. I studied the diverse angles of it as I drew three views for three different recipients. I'd love to explore more architectural styles in the future as this one was super fun.


Children's Book Illustration

When I'm not drawing architecture, I'm making things for kiddos. And in this project, it's a book! The book is in progress so I'll share a few previews here. I'm excited to share the whole story once it's finished in 2017. It's been a dream to work with an author who's story reeled me in immediately as I imagined the characters and connected with the message. I love making things for kids because I know that they are our future. And in some small way, if I can make an impact on their upbringing through the stories and the visuals that they consume, then I'm happy to try.

Thanks for your interest in collaborating with my custom illustrations! Feel free to contact me with any questions. You can view more of my custom projects here.